ID cards with Bank ID are an SIS-approved form of ID, which also feature a chip containing your e-identification. You use Bank ID to identify yourself and sign documents online. You can use Bank ID on the card to log into and approve instructions to your internet bank. You can also order a Bank ID card without a photo, in which case it only functions as a form of e-identification.

Who can order ID cards?

You should be a customer of the bank and be able to provide an approved form of ID. ID cards are not issued to customers with a coordination number.

How to get an ID card

When you want to order an ID card/Bank ID, you should visit your bank branch. When you place the order, you will need to provide proof of your identity with an approved form of ID, as well as a photo that meets the photo requirements. Please note that school photos do not usually meet these requirements.

If you have protected identity, have changed your name, are an expatriate or a new Swedish citizen, you will need to submit an extract from the population register, which is no more than one month old.

Approved forms of ID for ordering an ID card include:

  • SIS-approved ID cards
  • Swedish wine-red passports
  • Swedish driving licences
  • Swedish National ID

ID cards are included in the youth offer

Young people who have, or plan to apply for, the youth offer can order ID cards even if they do not have an approved form of ID. In such cases, the young person must provide proof of identity with:
An extract from the population register, stating the name of their parent or guardian. The extract can be ordered from the Tax Authority and may not be more than one month old.
A parent or guardian, who is present at the time of ordering and can provide proof of their identity with an approved form of ID.


ID card: SEK 400
ID card with Bank ID: SEK 400
ID card without Bank ID is included in the offer for young people.